Vaping Etiquette

You have quit smoking, congrats! There is much to celebrate for having the wherewithal to put your health first, but before you whip out your e-cig and vape in celebration, let's take a looking at vaping etiquettes.

You may think you can vape anywhere you please, but guess again. When e-cigs, and e-juice were first introduced, it was a free for all, and anyone could pretty much vape anywhere. That is no longer the case, and day by day rules are slowly enforced. Here are a few places that have some regulations.

Vaping on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Whereas one used to be able to vape on planes, that is no longer the case. In planes, it is pretty much banned, and if it isn't then someone will likely mention that they are bothered by it. The same deal on trains and well, in addition to busses. In the privacy of your car, however, you may think you can vape, but that may not be the case. New laws are coming in where smoking is starting to become more regulated, and the ban of vaping in cars is soon to follow. The reasons for this ban is most likely because the smoke from vaping and cigarette decrease proper visibility needed to drive safely. It is recommended to not vape in cars if you can, but if you must, it may help to do so with a window open.

Vaping in Restaurants

Generally speaking, restaurants become more and more strict about allowing patrons to vape. Already it is not allowed in movie theaters, in places where people make be gathering to watch a play or performance. In open spaces, including stores and bars, it is generally recommended that you inquire with management, as each may have different rules. While you are outside, vaping is fine. However, it pays to be considerate. If you are waiting in line at a bus stop, or anywhere there might be a group of people, although it may not be banned, it would nice to be considerate to those around you, as they may not appreciate the vape. Remember, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

So, given all the places that are cracking down on vaping, is there anywhere you can vape freely? Of course! And that would be in the privacy of your own home. There, feel free to vape away and congratulate yourself on kicking the smoking habit!