Vape Batteries and Chargers

18650 batteries are probably the most popular types of vape batteries. These vape batteries measure 18 millimeters by 65 millimeters and they are lithium ion designs. These days, there are plenty of lithium batteries available. However, only some of them are right for vaping. It's about safety!

The three main categories of vaping batteries are ICRs, IMRs and Hybrids. IMRs have chemistry which is safer than ICRs. In general, ICRs are sold with circuits which provide protection. IMR batteries which don't have protection circuits allow for greater rates of amperage discharge. This means that they are good choices for mechanical devices or low resistance builds.

vape battery 18650 mah

ICRs generally have storage capacity (measured in mAh) which are high. However, they are usually unable to deliver the high rate of amperage which is needed for mechanical devices, high power and low resistance. Hybrid styles have chemistry which is consider safer, when compared to IMRs and they maintain the higher storage capacity of IMRs.

To see which battery is right for you mod, we recommend checking battery recommendations for your specific make and model of e-cig. The manufacturer definitely know's what appropriate and best suited to your vaporizer. Also, a recommendation from the manufacturer will make it easier for you to shop for a new battery. It will take the guesswork out of things.

Which Chargers Are Good Choices?

We like vaporizer battery chargers from Nitecore. A host of styles are available and some are able to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. Other popular and trusted vape battery chargers come from LUC, Tomo and XTAR. Naturally, this brands just scratch the surface. However, all get great reviews from vaping experts and everyday vaping enthusiasts.

Nitecore D4 Charger for 18650 batteries for vape devices

The key to finding the right battery and charger is reading customer reviews before you buy. With the battery, it's also important to know what's best for your particular make and model of vaporizer.

It's possible to get great deals on these vaping essentials online and vape juice, so we think that shopping for what you need via the Web will be a good way to find low prices. However, you should choose your online supplier with care. Make sure that any website that you order from has a strong and positive reputation.

When you find the right battery and charger, you'll be able to enjoy vaping sessions which are truly fulfilling. If you choose a charger with more than one port, you may charge a couple of batteries, so that something is always charged up. This will minimize the risk of not having a charged battery when you're craving a hit from your vaporizer.